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Potential employers are increasingly checking your social media sites to see if you are a good fit for the company. Current employers do it as well. Now think about your profile picture. What does it say about you? You know that picture of you at the beach in your bikini? How about that one of you in a bar with your friends? Speaking of bars... What about the one of your 21st birthday? Is that representative of you? Well, even if it is, no, especially if it is, you need a professional headshot. Your headshot is often the first look at you that a potential employer, client or casting director gets. You know the saying you never get a chance at making a first impression. Make yours stand out from the crowd with a professional commercial or performing arts headshot. I'll direct you and together we'll take your profile picture to the next level.


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Your headshot or profile picture on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is often the first look that a potential employer or client has of you. You owe it to yourself to invest in a professional headshot to project the best image of you. The key is in the experience. Your photographer needs to be able to capture the TRUE YOU.

Daniel Elias Photography L.L.C. is the Pittsburgh professional Headshot Photographer with the training and experience to do just that. He'll take you to the next level and help you up your game with a professional headshot showing both your confidence and your approachability.

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Most people change when they step in front of a camera. Some become flirty but most want to run and hide. They don't like to have their picture taken. They don't think that they are photogenic. Here's the thing, it's the photographer's job to bring you back to yourself and then put you into a position to capture the best image of yourself that has ever been taken. I do this through interaction and coaching.