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Pittsburgh Headshots



In Pittsburgh, headshots are becoming more and more important. This isn’t a Steel Mill town anymore. Medical, Financial, Legal and Technology are the terms becoming associated with employment in Pittsburgh these days. Additionally, the Cultural District provides acting and musical employment here in Pittsburgh. Headshots are a necessity. I’m your Pittsburgh Headshot Photographer. I’ll use my training and experience to direct you and capture the best version of you. I’ll help you promote your brand and yourself because let’s face it; You ARE your brand.

The Pittsburgh Business Headshot and Social Media Profile Picture Photographer


Professional Headshots

Your professional headshot is more important than ever. Whether you’re a corporate professional, a student looking to enter the job market, an established professional looking for other opportunities or an actor or actress. Your profile picture or headshot may well be the very first look that a potential employer or client gets of you. Don’t make it their last look. In other words, selfies and cropped portraits just don’t cut it in today’s professional world. There’s where I come in. I have dedicated myself to becoming a professional headshot photographer first and foremost. Of course, I do portraiture, but headshots are where I focus most. Lights, looks and backgrounds are actually a small piece of the puzzle. The real key is in my ability to connect with you and capture an image depicting the real you. I’m talking about the successful, confident and approachable you. That’s a look you won’t get from other photographers.


Actors Headshots

Performing Arts



Corporate Portraits

Are you happy with your corporate portrait? You know THAT picture that represents you and your place in the company. How long ago was it taken? Go ahead take a look at it again. Do you love it? If so, you are in the minority to say the least. If not, well, most people don’t. Let’s team up, you and I, and redefine your corporate portrait. We’ll both be invested in getting you the best picture you’ve ever had taken. A great corporate portrait starts with us getting to know each other. We’ll develop a rapport before you ever step foot in front of the camera. Well shoot against a clean background, so the focus can be where it should be. On you! While we’re at it, we’ll throw in some body positioning and direction to get you into a place that accentuates you. The final piece of the puzzle lies in my ability to get a real genuine expression from you. Confident. Approachable. You. This is what your corporate portrait will demonstrate when we are through. 

Business Headshots